Meal Plan Options

Meal Plan Requirements

Meal plan subscription is a requirement for all students enrolled on the Dickinson College campus and are for use on campus.  Meal plans are not convertible into funds or products for field-trips or other excursions unless longer than seven (7) days and coordinated at least one month in advance of the trip by the sponsoring faculty member with the Dining Services Office Manager.  Meal plans are active and available for use during the academic term but not for academic breaks such as Thanksgiving, Winter, and Spring.  The meal plan generally begins in the fall semester with dinner the Saturday before classes; spring semester meal plans generally begin with dinner the Sunday before classes.  Meal plans are active and available during Fall Pause.  There are approximately 108 or more academic days in a term with approximately 308 meals per term.  There are over 100 breakfasts, over 100 lunch or brunch service times, and over 100 dinners served during a semester term (counts vary by academic term and year).

The Any 20 Plan

A traditional swipe-for-a-meal plan that provides the greatest value for the price.  While the best use is in the Dining Hall, plan holders may exchange a meal-swipe for a combo meal in one of the Dining Services retail locations.  With nearly 200 combinations available a plan holder has great flexibility.  The Any 20 may not be used to purchase sushi sold by a third-party partner on campus nor for certain retail-packaged goods such as F'real milkshakes. A plan holder may opt to pay for an extra item by using a meal swipe but it is not economical; you are better served to pay for extras using cash, Student Charge, or Personal Declining Balance - which receives a 10% discount.

This plan offers 20 meals per week (Sunday-Saturday). The Any 20 Plan offers flexibility, allowing students to use the allotted 20 meals at any point during the week. This plan may be used in the Dining Hall or cash operations locations. In cash operations locations, defined meal exchanges may be purchased as alternatives to eating in the Dining Hall. Dickinson College recommends that first year students choose the Any 20 Plan until study and eating habits are established. Students may change to another meal plan for the second semester by accessing the Dickinson Gateway and choosing the Meal Plan Selection on the Student Forms website. Please note the Any 20 Plan is prorated during weeks when Dining Services has a reduced schedule. Orientation week, the week of Thanksgiving, Spring Break and the second week of spring exams will be prorated.

The Flex "Points" Plans - Valid only on campus

Flex plans provide less meal value as The Any 20 plan but provide more flexibility: any of the tenders may be used to purchase retail packaged foods at retail locations in addition to meal combos or a la carte selections or entry to the Dining Hall or to place catering orders.  The Meal Plan Declining Balance may also be used in the Devil's Den or bookstore.  Flex plans seem confusing at first: the plans come with three tenders or buckets of money that have slightly different purposes.  We suggest that you speak with the office manager before switching to a Flex plan and that you look at your previous meal history to see what will work best for you.  Breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals are 2, 3, and 5 points respectively for all you care to eat meals in the Dining Hall, for a total cost of 10 points per day.  Please review which meals you will want to eat and how often you plan to eat meals on campus to plan your flex point needs.

As a rule of thumb, if you eat lunch and dinner every day - skipping breakfast all the time - a Flex plan will not be enough to feed you all semester.  You have the choice to purchase meals elsewhere once you exhaust your meal plan - even to stretch out how long it will last - or pay to add more points to the meal plan as needed or use Personal Declining Balance so that you receive a 10% discount.  The Flex I plan point balance could buy every dinner in a semester and about 90 out of 102 available breakfasts.  There are countless ways for you to balance the points budget.  Purchasing sushi, espresso, and other a la carte options using points will quickly deplete the buying power of your meal plan.  Use Dining Dollars or Meal Plan Declining Balance for a la carte or convert them to points in the ID office.  Flex II and Apartment Flex plans work the same way but will provide fewer meals; they provide more Meal Plan Declining Balance and Dining Dollar value.

The following plans assign point values to every meal. When the card is used in the Dining Hall, points are deducted: two for breakfast, three for lunch, and five for dinner. When points are used at alternative dining locations (Union Station, The Biblio, and The Juice Bar in the Underground) they are deducted on an equivalency at a 50% discount except for sushi and retail-packaged-goods. For example, if an item costs $2.00, you will have 1.00 points deducted from your balance. These plans have unlimited use for the duration of the points. All meal plans end with close of business on the last day of final exams except for seniors participating in commencement exercises in May.

The Flexboard I Plan

This plan has a total of 700 points per semester, a meal plan declining balance amount of $125 attached, and $75 in Dining Dollars.

The Flex II Plan

This plan has a total of 575 points per semester, a meal plan declining balance amount of $150 attached, and $325 in Dining Dollars.

The Apartment Housing Flex Meal Plan

This plan is available only to students who live off campus or in college-owned apartments. It has a lower point total, 400 per semester, higher meal plan declining balance ($200), and Dining Dollars ($500) amounts. 

Meal Plan Comparison

   Meals Per Week Points Per Semester Meal Plan Declining Balance Dining Dollars
 Any 20 Plan  20  0  $0  $0
 Flex I Plan  N/A  700  $125  $75
Flex II Plan N/A 575  $150  $325
 Apartment Housing Flex Meal Plan N/A  400  $200  $500

All meal plan selections must be made by 4 p.m. the Friday prior to the start of the meal plan. No changes will be permitted after the start date. This is a policy change from previous years.

Note: If you run out of points, you may purchase a block of 25 points for $75 at the ID office. Flex points may be used for catering events, barbeques, and specials. You may host a guest at any dining location with this plan. Points, meal plan declining balance, and Dining Dollars are nontransferable and nonrefundable.

All meal plans end with breakfast following the last day of final exams except for seniors participating in commencement exercises.