Universal Design for Instruction and Learning


Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and Universal Design for Instruction (UDI) are frameworks that are devised to optimize teaching and learning for diverse groups of students based on scientific insights into how people learn best. Research has found that successful classes are those which employ the 3 tenents of Universal Design: multiple modes of presenting information, multiple ways to actively engage students, and multiple means of assessing knowledge.

Here's an explanatory video series that will reveal "What is Universal Design for Learning?"

UDL’s goal is to maximize access for all diverse learners and to minimize the need for individual adaptations or accommodations. 

Below are two Dickinson-specific resources valuable for all faculty, provided by Marni Jones:

And here are additional UD resources:

There is an abundance of helpful guidance from colleges and universities across the US that are successfully incorporating UDL/UDI in their curricula. Here are some great examples: